Partir, c’est mourir un peu

Welcome to my new blog! In September Ian and I move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This time we are taking an empty nest and fully intend to grab every opportunity for travel while we are there. It’s sunny in KL. We’ll only be there for four years. This is why I named my blog Sunny Interval. However, I know that moving is not all fun and games. After all, this will be our sixth move in 25 years. We know there will be highs and lows and the sun will not always shine. Please join me on this journey and share my poetry and anecdotes that will document my transition.

And to begin, a poem, about how hard it is to say goodbye…

I duck into doorways
avoiding tilted heads
and outstretched arms
that fill a hole they say I’ll leave behind.

I die a little with each move
hang scraps of flesh, like bunting,
on the boughs of much-loved trees,
cram them deep in pavement cracks.

I don my brightest robes to mask
my shrivelling heart strings
and look forwards, blinded by the sun
that it may warm the cold spots in my chest.

I dare not face the fact that
we will shortly close the door
on more richness than my toes can count,
such friendships that I cannot say goodbye.

7 thoughts on “Partir, c’est mourir un peu

  1. Hello fellow traveller and poet,
    Your poem of farewell strikes a chord for me ( my first degree was in music!). However, ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow…” as Shakespeare beautifully wrote and so it is.
    I have been living in KL for over a year now and my advice would be to ensure you are living in a secured area. After this there is a wealth of things to do and see as I am sure you are aware of being an experienced traveller yourself. Public transport is poor and driving is hazardous to say the least but Jakarta and India are worse! The plus point though being that we drive on the left here! The mainland and the Malaysian islands are amazing and the food is out of this world! So so much choice! It will be another amazing adventure for you and your husband I am sure.
    Safe travels…



  2. Can we have a ‘subscriber’ button please? Need to have your thoughts and wonderful poetry delivered directly into my inbox.
    Wonderful start to your new writing adventures!


  3. Thank you for writing what was stuck in my throat last week. Now, walking on Camden streets; I breathe a little and repeat again and again “It’s OK. Today is OK. Today I can unpack a bag or two.” And I look at the next generation coming in my increasingly global family and just long to welcome the little one due in two days to the adventure of seeing a wide, crazy world.
    Love your blogs and totally a fan. love, Kathleen


  4. Loved this poem the first time I read it (on FB, or you Inspirer, probably both) and it still gets me. Saying goodbye is so difficult with conflicting emotions, even if you’re completely onboard with the move. Thank you for putting into luminous words what I’ve been carrying around in my heart. Looking forward to following your new adventure.


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