Between Worlds

in transition
in transition

Ian has been in Kuala Lumpur since the end of August. I have hung behind to spend time first in The Hague, where I kept a low profile, having already said my goodbyes to our ‘old home’. Next, I wanted to spend important time back in the place I grew up, with my parents and familiar places and friends. And now I am in London with my brother, my youngest son, Josh, and our oldest friends. This is a two week limbo.

I think back to the long months leading up to the confirmation of our posting in Kuala Lumpur and recall how agonising that limbo was, of not knowing, of not being able to move forward. It was like being stuck in mud to my knees. This limbo is different. It is welcome. It is healing.

Inspired by this, I knew I had to write a poem that explained how it feels now, to be on the cusp of an adventure, still smarting from leaving and not fully accepting that this time next week I too will be in KL.

The sun has set –

slipped behind the unmade bed,

dismantled, on a sailing ship

towards an unmapped open hand.

I drift in welcome limbo,

buoyed by unbreathed air

and lifted by this net of safety,

memories, old friends who

ask nothing, take less

and let me be alone, together,

sinking in.

Hammocked here

between wide chestnut and thin palm

I am lulled

to mask the tears

blowing in this wind of change

and the fears

of forgetting.

Sweet sorrows of moving on.

And so I swing,

pulled towards a promise of tomorrow,

push the grit of painful truths

from glassy eyes

and see only sky.

10 thoughts on “Between Worlds

  1. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share this with my daughter’s Language Art’s teacher here in the USA for her 9th grade class.

    What a wonderful poem!

    Love Celest.


  2. Jo, I could hear you speaking the words as you do so eloquently and charismatically! Thanks for sharing this absolutley beautiful poem and I know you lived it!!


  3. May the skies always be blue for you, Jo! You do your best thinking–and writing–under them. By the way, I like “buoyed by unbreathed air.” That expression holds so much promise and possibility, exactly the way to begin a new adventure. Next week in KL!


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