The sun also rises


It’s been weeks since

I willingly watched dawn

slowly scale the limits of this world

yet today I find a cooler air

licks at my calves

as I sit back

and see what magic may unfold.


The monochrome cityscape

rises tall and cold

behind this palm, acacia green,

birdsong simmers

in the trees,

lines rehearsed

a thousand times:

“I’m sorry that I hurt you so much!”

“Look at me. “Look at me.”



And so the narcissus glow

wakes up a sky that’s pale

as too-washed sheets,

it spreads like buttter

in the space



while others are gilded by the light,

basking in the newborn sun.


A bright day shades

in its frame with mountain-fringe,

gently sketched soft pencil grey

beneath a morning cappuccino froth of cloud.




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