Sinking in

palm beach
palm beach

Sinking in

One year on
I hold out my arms
tip back my head
and float, at last,
on my South China Sea.
Now aquamarine,
island of treasures
flour-fine sands
stamped black
with feathered palms.
Malaysia. Now
you hold me in your hands,
becalmed. At peace.
I’ve sunk down
into ‘settled in’.
I sigh,
breath steady
as this lapping sea,
transparent as the shoreline.
I understand you now
as you lick my skin
with pebbled waves.
Move me, gently.
Let me lie down with you
that I may learn the contours of your face
and come, in time,
to love you so,
that I will hate to say goodbye.

Lang Tengah, Sari Pacifica hotel


I felt it happen last week in Penang. We were driving to the spice garden,  I was admiring the view and the tropical flora and suddenly something in my torso went clunk. It felt as if I went down a few floors in an elevator. It seems I sank, went down a gear.

A few days later, as I floated in the sea off an island off the east coast I was inspired to put this momentous occasion down in words.

It is  1 months since I arrived in Malaysia, and it is only now that I feel I am settling in. I can ‘see clearly now, the rain has gone’, it seems. I can relax. It is starting to feel like home.

3 thoughts on “Sinking in

  1. I love reading your writing and am so happy at the contents this time. Glad you feel happy in your current home.


  2. Beautiful! Felt that clunk myself in Dubai in the 80’s – complete and utter happiness and contentment. Long may it last. When Mike and I went out to Dubai last October I stood in the murky sea looking out onto a vast metropolis of brown skyscrapers, tourists jam packed on the beach and behind me a massive red crane building yet another island. A dredger was spewing out sand and foam which spoiled the sea and I just stood and wept. What have they done? The ache in my heart comes back every time I think of it. Sad.


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