The final proof

Jalan SS 22/23
Jalan SS 22/23

It’s still only three weeks into January. Already life seems to have picked up the pace and yet, only two weeks ago it still felt like Christmas and I was in London and squeezing into the boys’ one-bed flat.

Since then I have been to The Hague, flown back to KL, had a few days’ recovery time and welcomed my parents to stay. This time tomorrow they will have been here a week.

See? I told you things had ‘picked up’!

In the 12 days I’ve been back in KL it has sunk in that it does now feel nicely familiar here. Not only have I slipped back into my twice weekly yoga classes and been shopping in the supermarket and the wet market but I’ve also been to the doctor for some check ups, had some moles removed and sent for biopsy (they were fine) and then had the stitches removed, by the pool by Sue, who is a nurse and lives in our condo. All this stands as proof that I know folk and I know my way around. But, for me, the icing on the cake, the proof above all proofs was that I also booked a set of acupuncture sessions with Madame Ju, the White Witch at Health Wise. And is the case with all witches, it takes ‘many lefts and many rights’ to find her and leads me into what feels like the middle of nowhere.

On the day of my first appointment my phone decided to stop accessing 3G again (my 2nd iPhone 4 in a row btw) so the App for satnav, Waze, would not work. The Garmin satnav in the car had no idea where Damansara Jaya was and had never heard of her street and so, with 20 minutes to my appointment I sallied forth ‘naked’. I had been there before, sure, but never without Josh in the car, who is after all, a) male and b) young and c) has time to read road signs because he is not looking in all three mirrors at once on the look out for weaving motorcycles. It took me ten minutes to get very lost. But I was proud of myself. I did not panic. I just forged ahead and used my sense of direction and instinct. Anyway, the journey should have taken 25 minutes and ended up taking twice that, but I made it! Finding the witch in the KL jungle without the aid of a trail of breadcrumbs was the biggest proof of all that I have settled in!


Where the White Witch lives ... deep in the jungle
Where the White Witch lives … deep in the jungle



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