Sinking in

Sinking in One year on I hold out my arms tip back my head and float, at last, on my South China Sea. Now aquamarine, bejeweled island of treasures flour-fine sands stamped black with feathered palms. Malaysia. Now you hold me in your hands, becalmed. At peace. I’ve sunk down into ‘settled in’. I sigh, … More Sinking in

Twelve Week Scan

New life began  then. When  I took flight  from whence  I’d lived and loved  on flatter, cooler, calmer  soil. Where bright colours  speckle squares of earth  in spring.   I look down from  here, where  pillows of palms  froth and bubble  like barbed wire,  steel grey in the mist  of monsoon air.    Beyond the … More Twelve Week Scan