Sinking in

Sinking in One year on I hold out my arms tip back my head and float, at last, on my South China Sea. Now aquamarine, bejeweled island of treasures flour-fine sands stamped black with feathered palms. Malaysia. Now you hold me in your hands, becalmed. At peace. I’ve sunk down into ‘settled in’. I sigh, … More Sinking in

Paradise is personal

We chose our first island experience here in Malaysia, based not on the one that looked nicest, was cheapest or poshest or most beautiful, but quite simply on the one that looked easiest to get to by car. We’d discovered that folk often miss the ferry to Tioman over on the east coast and though … More Paradise is personal

KL’s Got Talent

“You going to join us for the line dancing?” Joe asked us a few weeks ago. “Eh?” I responded. I had no idea that Joe and Emma were into rhinestone belts and cowboy boots, but hey, we may have known them over 20 years but that was no guarantee that we knew everything about them. … More KL’s Got Talent

Something About Miri

It is easy to forget how exhausting a relocation can be. Even when, like me, you’ve done it many times. First there is the stressful period of not knowing when, whether and where – the Limbo Period. Then comes the Mad Rush to sell things, close things down, rent your house, sort and pack your … More Something About Miri