Alien in Phuket

This week I have the very good fortune to attend my second annual Phuket Writers’ Paradise Retreat, led by my friend and author, Anne O’Connell. As soon as I heard the topic for today’s class I was excited – to go to a nearby junk store and be inspired, then to write. And so, we … More Alien in Phuket

The sun also rises

It’s been weeks since I willingly watched dawn slowly scale the limits of this world yet today I find a cooler air licks at my calves as I sit back and see what magic may unfold.   The monochrome cityscape rises tall and cold behind this palm, acacia green, birdsong simmers in the trees, lines … More The sun also rises

Same but Different

I’ve read the books. I know how important it is to try and do the things that made you happy in one place into your new location. I always feel sorry for passionate mountain-climbers when they move to the Netherlands. Luckily my loves are not too hard to recreate: Writers’ Circle. Check, started that one … More Same but Different