and one flew home

When I wrote the tagline to this website (that’s it up at the top of the screen, to the top right of the photograph of the lake) I was convinced that our empty nest was permanent. As you may recall from the posts back before Christmas, I did not find this relocation easy. Being without … More and one flew home

Loss and friendship

  Making frequent moves, particularly between countries, is tough. And while many folk think we live charmed lives in which the women play bridge, drink pink gin and bemoan their staff while the children make friends with monkeys and end up fluent in the local dialect, honestly, it’s not like that. It is tough. Not … More Loss and friendship

Gecko Fingers

This morning I woke up feeling tearful and with a Cliff Richard song in my head. ‘Fraid so, readers, I was mad about Cliff from the age of nine until, well let’s not get into that. The words were: “I wake up crying, after tossing and turning and yearning the whole night long. Pretty baby, … More Gecko Fingers

Finding a home

            Sundrops turn twin towers to diamonds, as through the haze of square feet trod I see our future day-to-day spread out, a banquet across the widescreen window, over the hills, gardens, skyscrapers towards grey-green mountains where it’s cool.   Surveying empty surfaces, blank walls, from the corner of my … More Finding a home